Cultivation experts

Tazed tomatoes are grown under the personal supervision of our cultivation experts. Every truss is carefully ripened under their guardianship. Like a guild master from times gone by, each cultivation expert cherishes his tomatoes. Only the very best trusses deserve the epithet Tazed.

Cultivation expert Danny

Tazed Sweet

Name : Danny van der Made
Growmaster : Tazed Sweet
Location : Nieuwe Dwarsweg 10, Rilland
Favorite tomato : Tazed Sweet

I started picking tomatoes as a schoolboy, aged twelve, and I have always been very interested in how different crops grow. Over the years, I have worked with many different crops, but when I got the chance to become a manager at the tomato farm where I had first picked tomatoes as a twelve-year-old boy, my passion for tomatoes was rekindled and I seized the opportunity with both hands.

In view of the multiple opportunities available, at Agro Care I have increasingly specialized in cultivation. I try to focus on how to get the maximum out of that little plant every single day. I think the best thing about growing Tazed tomatoes is that you are always dealing with a supremely beautiful and healthy product. With Tazed tomatoes, you can convince people simply by letting them taste them. I am only satisfied when a beautiful, healthy, and great-tasting product leaves the greenhouse every day.

Cultivation expert Ad

Tazed Pure

Name : Ad van Vliet
Growmaster : Tazed Pure
Location : Wagenpad 10, Middenmeer
Favorite tomato : Tazed Pure en Tazed Sweet

Growing tomatoes is in my blood. My father and grandfather were both tomato growers, which is how I came into contact with tomato-growing at a young age. I think the best thing about growing Tazed tomatoes is that you are growing a top product for people who really appreciate beautiful, tasty, and sustainably-grown tomatoes. The Tazed Pure tomatoes are the best tomatoes I can grow. I personally select the best trusses for taste, shape, and freshness. I get satisfaction from growing as many delicious tomatoes as I can.

Cultivation expert Patrick

Tazed Intense

Name : Patrick de Jongste
Growmaster : Tazed Intense
Location : Nieuwe Dwarsweg 1, Rilland
Favorite tomato : Tazed Intense!

I started growing tomatoes because I like pampering the plant and seeing it grow until finally, after much patience, professionalism, and love, I deliver a high-quality product. I get satisfaction from working in the sunshine, from a plant that is growing well with beautiful products, and from producing high-quality food. I think the best thing about growing Tazed tomatoes is the reactions you get when you let people taste the Tazed Intense. With its brown exterior, many people have a tendency to pass over this tomato. So when you encourage people to try it, they are often pleasantly surprised! That smile or reaction from the customer is the best thing that can happen to you as a cultivation specialist!