Tazed Tomatoes

Tazed tomatoes are the crown jewels in Agro Care's range. Our top tomatoes offer the ultimate experience to even the most demanding consumer. Agro Care goes further than ever in terms of flavour, constituents, shape, and cultivation methods. Tazed tomatoes are selected by hand at an early stage by our cultivation specialists. Tazed tomatoes contain so many different constituents and taste so sweet and intense that we regard them as our very own superfood.

Tazed tomatoes come in three different flavours:

Tazed Pure

A delicious, small, aromatic plum tomato with a spicy aroma. Thanks to its unrivalled pure flavour, connoisseurs regard them as the original tomato.

Tazed Sweet

A mini cherry vine tomato. With its deliciously sweetness and refined sourness, this red jewel is perfect for salads or as a healthy snack.

Tazed Intense

A dark-red cherry tomato on the vine. With its extra spicy aroma and high brix value, this sweet fruit is a delight for the tongue.

With the Tazed line, Agro Care is aiming to convince the most critical connoisseur. It offers an unprecedented taste sensation, like a Grand cru among wines. As with our other tomatoes, the Tazed meets the very strictest standards for greenhouse horticulture. Agro Care views this new line as its flagship, the result of our unrivalled skill in Dutch greenhouse tomato cultivation.

Cultivation experts

The predicate Tazed is exclusively reserved for our most exclusive trusses. The connoisseur and the gastronome rightly regard our Tazed tomatoes as iconic for our range. Naturally, Tazed tomatoes are available to all consumers through selected stores.

Tazed tomatoes are grown under the personal supervision of our cultivation managers. Every truss is carefully ripened under their guardianship. Like a guild master from times gone by, each cultivation specialist cherishes his tomatoes. Only the very best trusses deserve the epithet Tazed.

The Tazed trusses are personally selected by our cultivation specialists at an early stage. From that moment, they are carefully ripened according to the strict cultivation protocol that Agro Care has laid down for this line. This is how our very best tomatoes find their way onto the shelves, where our sparkling rubies are beautifully presented in the Crick’s display unit.

Agro Care uses the following criteria for Tazed tomatoes:

Agro Care

Agro Care grows Tazed tomatoes at two locations in the Netherlands: Middenmeer (North-Holland) and Rilland (Zeeland). In both greenhouse complexes, virtually all available innovative cultivation techniques are used, always guided by the 3P principle.

The people, planet, profit approach lays a sustainable basis for the further growth of our cooperative basis. Agro Care demonstrates that this business model is sustainable for our employees and our living environment.